Weekly Tuesday Trivia Night - September 6

Weekly Tuesday Trivia Night - September 6
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How many people are in your team (you included)?

Fuel your brain with good food and drinks and fire up those neurons to make it to the top (and win prizes).

The event is free, but book a table in advance to reserve your spot! Tables will be reserved starting at 6pm.

How does it work?
  • Trivia starts at 6:30PM sharp and includes 4 themed rounds of 10 questions, with a quick break after round 2.
  • Play individually or with a team (up to 6 people) - only 1 ticket per team!
  • You'll get a paper booklet and a (sanitized) pen to record your answers.
What are the themes?
  • Guess the Movie
  • Canadian Sports
  • Food in Songs
  • Board Games
  • A few guidelines: 1) No cheating (i.e. looking up answers on your phone): any team suspected of cheating will be disqualified from prizing. 2) Correct spelling is appreciated but not required. 3) Do not shout answers across the room. 4) Be respectful to the trivia host, the staff of 5th St Food Hall, and other participants.
  • Can we be a team of more than 6 people? No, we set a maximum number of people per team to ease seating arrangements and trying to keep things fair between teams.
  • Is it possible to join the trivia event without a ticket? Yes, but we cannot guarantee seating.
  • Are minors allowed? Yes, 5th St Food Hall is family friendly.

We are BACK! Your next Tuesday Trivia Night fix at 5th St Food Hall!

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