Seitans Vegan Christmas Dinner 2022

Seitans Vegan Christmas Dinner 2022
$ 20.00 CAD

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  • Vegan Christmas Roast, Bean Curd Bacun Wrapped Seiturken Roast (choice between 2 sizes: full roast ~3lbs for 6ppl and half a roast ~1-1.4lbs for 3 people), Jackfruit Infused Seitan, Sourdough Stuffing, with 8oz of Seitans Gravy
  • Whole Eggnog Cheezecake, Rich Cashew Eggnog Infused Cake with fresh ground nutmeg and cardamom! Cream cheeze Icing, crushed candy, hibiscus powder for (serves up to 4 people)

The roasts are going to be packaged in sealed bags. They will last a very long time refrigerated, up to a month or more. But also could be frozen, and then de-frosted for when your ready to eat.

Please note, the roast contains gluten and soy and the cheezecake contains cashews, almonds, and walnuts. Prices are per item.

Your traditional Christmas dinner... but entirely VEGAN! Seitans and Chef Neil Royale did it again, offering delicious holiday dishes that don't include any animal by-products. This dinner is sure to please anyone: vegan, vegetarians, and "meat-atarians" alike.

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