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Our chefs focus on made-to-order meals - which means we need you! Local products like treats and beverages complement the dishes our chefs bring to life in the kitchen.

Our Marketplace isn’t an add-on or a second thought - it’s a vital part of the JustCook experience.

We bring our customers a curated selection of products that pair naturally with the fantastic offerings from our chefs.

We want to elevate brands we believe in. If your brand should be one of those, get in touch!

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How does it work?

Our marketplace pairs chef’s made-to-order fare with an array of local products that elevate the kitchen’s offerings. 

With our in-house app, we offer customers a streamlined experience that effortlessly brings together local chefs and local businesses for a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

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Who is JustCook?

We’re a Canadian-based start up that builds up foodpreneurs through innovative technology. 

Be part of an innovative new way to shop and eat. 

Why the Marketplace?
>Get your product in front of customers - online and in store
>Get listed on our website and social media as a proud partner
>Make your product a part of the hottest food destination in Edmonton!

The JustCook Marketplace means your product reaches a variety of customers - in person and on our app for takeout. We’ll work with you to elevate your brand, promote your products in our marketplace, and help you maximize earnings. 

We love to support local businesses!

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