Kitchen Bay Available!

We have one commercial kitchen bay available at our 5th St Food Hall (the first food hall in Edmonton, with several restaurants under one roof!). We are AHS licensed and have an ideal downtown location, a block away from Rogers Place and close to all the action!

What do you get?

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Why JustCook?

Smaller Risk.
Bigger Reward.

Ease the financial burden of growing and scaling your brand. Whether you test your brand through a popup, grow your brand to new markets or want to plan your greater expansion, JustCook will partner with you throughout your brand's success.

Optimize Data.
Strengthen Your Offering.

JustCook’s technology helps you quickly identify the hits - and the flops. Find inspiration for your menu items, and uncover revenue opportunities.

Focus On Food.
We Got The Rest.

JustCook allows you to focus on what you do best: FOOD! And we leverage our business acumen to provide expert level chefs or cooks, marketing, business development, technology stack, and data analytics to help your brand thrive.

How does it work?

JustCook can partner with you in different ways, depending on where you are on your brand journey.

  • The Right Ingredients, No Defined Mix
    You have the right ingredients for a successful concept, but you’re still finalising what makes up the right mix. You have the start of a brand and limited recognition, but you haven’t tested your concept outside of temporary pop-ups or side gigs

  • The Right Mix, Limited Customer Reach.
    You defined the right mix for your concept, but you’re still figuring out how to best reach customers. You have a solid brand with local recognition and you’re looking for the right first step to expand.

  • Fully Baked, Ready to Distribute.
    Your brand is as fully baked as it will ever be. You have an established brand with growing recognition close to beyond what you can serve and you’re ready to look for the right solution to scale and expand faster.

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Who is JustCook?

We’re a Canadian-based start up that builds up foodpreneurs through innovative technology. JustCook embraces your brand to make it thrive. Unlike consultants that share their recommendations and leave, we remain your partner throughout. We’ll work with you to strengthen and scale your brand.

Why a virtual food hall setting?
> Fast and agile brand launches, pivots, or growth
> Costs optimized between multiple concepts
> Belong to attractive culinary destinations and experiences
> Designed and built for dine-in, takeout, and delivery

Our partnerships are built with chefs and brand owners in mind. No matter what your concept is, there’s an opportunity for it with JustCook!

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