Why JustCook?

Smaller Risk. Bigger Reward.

Ease the financial burden of opening your own restaurant. We have a kitchen already set up for you - so chefs can just cook!

Optimize Data.
Strengthen Your Offering.

Quickly identify the hits - and the flops. Find inspiration for your menu items, and uncover revenue opportunities.

Focus On Food. We Got The Rest.

JustCook allows you to focus on what you do best: FOOD! We’ll help you with  marketing and logistics, get you set up with our in-house app, and take care of front-of-house staffing. 

How does it work?

JustCook leases full commercial kitchen units in a food hall. 
With built-in technology and no front of house, chefs can focus on what they do best. 
We allow our foodpreneur partners to test ideas in the market without taking on the cost of opening up a full restaurant.

Join The JustCook Revolution

Who is JustCook?

We’re a Canadian-based start up that builds up foodpreneurs through innovative technology. 
Popping up all over the world, food halls are a new way to cook and eat.

Why a food hall?
> Focus on food
> Get customers right to your door
> Serve customers at the newest must-eat destination! 

Our JustCook units are optimally designed for many kinds of food concepts, made to be easily used for multiple types of cooking, and built to make the ordering and delivery processes as seamless as possible.

Our kitchens are built with chefs in mind. No matter what your concept is, there’s a place for it at JustCook!

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