Learn More About Who's Making JCK Awesome!

Jennifer Keith

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

“The Fire Starter”

Jennifer has always had an interest in entrepreneurship that was seeded in childhood as she watched her family start and operate businesses related to travel and food. She holds an MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the U of A and she has been focused for years on identifying opportunities to help small to medium-sized businesses thrive.

Her life vision is to be a force of positive change in the world through her skills and business acumen, and she dedicates herself to projects and ventures that she believes can make a meaningful difference to her local community and beyond.


Luke Butterworth

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder

“Mr. Subzero”

Luke is a serial entrepreneur that thrives on innovating in markets that excite him, including automated supply chains, autonomous vehicles, health and food tech. As an EMBA graduate from the U of A, and Next36/AI alumni there is nothing Luke enjoys more than entrepreneurship.

With a chef for a brother, he has grown to love and appreciate the challenges involved in bringing new food concepts to life with the current ecosystem tools.


Sherman Tsang

Chief Technology Officer

Sherman believes that good tech can help make everyone's life better and his goal is to to make that future come to pass. Being involved in technology since he was young has given him the tools to be comfortable with most pieces of tech, but he still feels that most tech is too difficult to use. Tech that is useful but doesn't make things better is not valuable. With Sherman's combined product and  technology backgrounds he feels this will enable him to be part of the solution rather than the problem.


Maelle Piquee

Chief Marketing Officer

“The Bistro Badass”

Born and raised in France, Maëlle moved to Canada to pursue an MBA in International Business. With experience in marketing, including within the wine and spirits industry, she has witnessed the opportunities and challenges associated with starting new businesses or bringing innovative ideas to life.

She loves bringing her expertise in marketing and communication to help businesses and non-profit organizations thrive and bring positive change.


Caitlin Hart

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Caitlin is a writer and marketing professional with experience in non-profits, start-ups and the public service. A life long Edmontonian, Caitlin is passionate about uplifting the local food scene and sharing her love of Edmonton through her marketing and communications work.