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Edmonton's 5th St. Food Hall has four amazing restaurants under one roof

January 19, 2022

Started by the JustCook Kitchens team, this food hall gives chefs the opportunity to showcase their food in one place, and for people to have an amazing selection because of it.

Making it as easy as possible for the chef and customer, they’ve even created their own app for connecting and ordering.

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Local Spotlight: JustCook Kitchens

November 29, 2021

Edmonton is a city known for embracing new flavours and ideas – a philosophy that has allowed big thinking local makers and risk-takers to thrive. Founded by University of Alberta MBA graduates Jennifer Keith and Luke Butterworth, JustCook Kitchens was born from the founders' shared passion for food and entrepreneurship. JustCook is an incubator that breaks down barriers to make it possible for chefs on the rise to bring their culinary concepts to life, one bite at a time.


5 New Venues in Edmonton for Fall 2021 Meetings and Events

November 23, 2021

Here's a closer look at Edmonton's newest eateries, drinking spots, hotels, conference areas, private rooms and other spaces available for events this fall.


Live on Location with Kimberly Wynn at JustCook 5th St Food Hall

October 26, 2021

Kim visits Just Cook Kitchens, a new food hall concept in Edmonton - and fills her belly with great food and drinks from local chefs.

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All about the new Just Cook 5th Street Food Hall

October 25, 2021

A place where chefs can just cook. And where customers have a variety of culinary choices. Find out more when we visit downtown's new 5th Street Food Hall

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Backstairs Burger opens at JustCook Kitchens 5th Street Food Hall in Edmonton

October 24, 2021

Backstairs Burger is one of several restaurants in the JustCook Kitchens 5th Street Food Hall in Edmonton. The new location has allowed many prominent restaurateurs to collaborate with local suppliers for a truly unique food experience. Chefs and owners Levi Biddlecombe and Robert Wick discuss the new location and how it’s elevating Edmonton’s culinary scene.

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5th St. Food Hall

October 14, 2021

Edmonton’s first food hall has opened up!

5th St. Food Hall by Just Cook Kitchens is the new go-to hub for local food businesses. Here, you can find 4 different food concepts operating under 1 roof: Backstairs Burger, HOM, Seitans, and Three Foodies. Amongst that is a small marketplace with goodies from local vendors, a bar to order locally crafted drinks from, and a dining area to enjoy your food in. The food hall is located downtown, near MacEwan University and Rogers Place. Unlike other downtown eateries, free parking is available on the lot just south of the building.

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Une foire alimentaire non traditionnelle

October 12, 2021

(Ré)Ecoutez l'entretien entre Rudy Desjardins et Maëlle Piquée, Directrice Marketing pour JustCook Kitchens, à propos du 5th St Food Hall.

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Edmonton's first food hall opens this week

October 5, 2021

JustCook Kitchens will open Edmonton's first food hall on Oct. 5 downtown. Announced back in January, the 5th St. Food Hall at 10344 105 Street experienced some delays but the extra time has allowed the business to embrace change wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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5th Street Food Hall: Edmonton's First Food Hall

October 3, 2021

The idea for the food hall comes from Just Cook Kitchens, founded by Jennifer Keith and Luke Butterworth. They want to help chefs and cooks get pass the barriers and nuances of opening up a restaurant and provide a place for chefs to be able to thrive, and focus on the food.


Food Hall Frenzy

October 1, 2021

JustCook Kitchens opens its first location, 5th St. Food Hall, and it's a unique culinary experience everyone should try

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Edmonton's First Food Hall is Accepting Applications

June 18, 2021

JustCook Kitchens is accepting applications from chefs and restaurateurs who want to start a food-based business or test out new concepts in the market without taking on the huge risk of staring up a new restaurant.

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JustCook Kitchens Team Profile

May 17, 2021

Four MBA grads from the Alberta School of Business — Jennifer Keith, Luke Butterworth, Maëlle Piquée, and Spencer Brawner — have teamed up to bring a fresh take on food to Edmonton through JustCook Kitchens. JustCook Kitchens aims to break down barriers to make it easier for chefs to bring their concepts from a great idea to “tested and approved” by the market, faster. Their first location, 5th St. Food Hall, is set to open this July and is destined to become one of the must-eat locations in Edmonton.

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There’s a new player in town

March 11, 2021

It’s a concept familiar to entrepreneurs the world over: take an existing idea and make it better. Then, bring it to market.

That’s exactly what four Alberta School of Business MBA graduates are doing with their latest venture, JustCook Kitchens.

Alberta School of Business

JustCook Kitchen: Episode 3: A Sneak Peek at the Features

February 24, 2021

In Episode 1 we talked about the JustCook Kitchen concept and team, and in Episode 2 we got a glimpse at the work/life balance of the entrepreneurial mission behind the scenes. In Episode 3, we get a sneak peek on the business model behind the scenes with Maëlle Pique, (aka“The Bistro Badass”) CMO of JustCook Kitchens!  

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February 21, 2021

COO Luke Butterworth shares his first business idea, dream dinner guest, and more!


Meet Jennifer: Episode 2: Behind the Scenes at JustCook Kitchens

February 19, 2021

Jennifer has an “itch” for entrepreneurship! She believes that success for any business or organization has a lot to do with the people you hire onto your team!

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Meet Jennifer & Maelle: Episode 1: Why JustCook Kitchens?

February 11, 2021

Foodies, there’s a new food place in town! You’ve probably been wondering if restaurants that closed during COVID will reopen, and stay open.   Food is more than sustenance  to humans – it’s evolved into a key social happening!  So are there any new ideas to help make the food scene vibrant again for both chefs and foodies?

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New food hall promises to remove burdens of running a restaurant for Edmonton chefs

February 2, 2021

JustCook Kitchens' food hall is designed to take some of the load off chefs wanting to open a restaurant, but not wanting the burden that comes with the business side of such an endeavour.

CTV News

JustCook Kitchens to open downtown food hall this spring

January 26, 2021

Edmonton might finally get its first food hall. JustCook Kitchens is planning to open the 5th St. Food Hall, featuring four restaurant concepts and a bar, this spring at 105 Street and 103 Avenue.

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